Oslo Group on Energy Statistics

The Oslo Group (OG) on energy statistics is a city group created by the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) in 2005 to address methodological issues related to energy statistics and contribute to improved international standards and improved methods for official energy statistics. To achieve this, the OG develops tools, processes and networks to support countries to collect and disseminate complete, comparable, reliable and timely energy statistics. (mandate)

The Oslo Group consists of representatives from more than 30 countries plus several international agencies. (contacts)

The major output of the OG to date has been the development of the International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES). The IRES was endorsed by the UNSC in February 2011.

The main activity of the OG in 2013 was to complete the Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM). The final version of the ESCM will be presented to the UNSC for review and approval in spring 2014.

Oslo Group Image

Oslo Group during the ninth meeting in Abu Dhabi 2014.