Fourth meeting in Canada

The 4th meeting of the Oslo Group will focus on the draft IRES. Note that due to the extensive agenda, the meeting has been extended by two more days.

Report OG4

Final Agenda

Fact sheets/summaries of the work done by the Oslo Group in preparation for chapters and selected topics for IRES

Practical Information




ESCM Chapters – Presentations and Papers



Comment to Issue 3.1 – Revision of IRES, Comments on Draft Chapters and Issue Papers, India

Comments to Issue 3.1 SIEC, Australia

Comments to Issue 3.1 Proposed Scope and Classification of SIEC

Comments to Issue 3.1 SIEC (with comments), Vladimir Markhonko, UNSD

Comment to Issue 3.2 – Renewable vs Non-renewable Energy Sources, Forms and Technologies, India

Comment to Issue 3.2 – Renewable vs Non-renewable Initial Comments Australia

Comments to Issue 3.2 – Renewable vs Non-renewable energy sources, forms and technologies, A. Gritsevskyi, IAEA

Comments to Issue 5.2 – Micro Power Plants, Australia

Comments to Issue 7.2 Energy Efficiency Coefficients, Ann Christin Bøeng, Statistics Norway