Template and instructions for writing the country practice

The Country Practice Template (19.01.2012)

Instructions on how to fill out the country practice template (19.01.2012)

The Country Practice Template and the instructions are also available in French and Spanish at the UN Country Practice Template website.

Best practice - Country examples

Two national best practice documents have been created in Statistics Norway using the template. These best practices may provide additional guidance when filling out the best practice documents.

Best practices Norway:

Best practice template - Statistical production

Under section 7 - part a) on the List of Issues 2007, it has been the responsibility of the secretariat of the Oslo group on energy statistics to develop a "form" for description of best practices. This work is now completed and it has resulted in a template for writing best practice documents on statistical production of energy statistics.

The template

Using a common template will make it easier to find the relevant information quickly and will facilitate comparisons between countries. It will also create a good foundation if a database for national and international best practices is to be developed in the future.

The template has become quite extensive and it has been discussed whether to make it less extensive. We decided that instead of deleting relevant entries, we would leave it to the users to decide which entries are relevant for their statistics/survey. We also encourage users to add entries that they think are relevant for their statistics, but are left out of the template.

Any questions or comments about the template may be directed to the secretariat.